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Best casino bonuses UK

latest casino bonuses

Playing in online casinos is not a novelty for over 2 decades. And it especially isn’t so after the advent of really powerful mobile phones, which leave far behind laptops and on-table PCs judging by computing power and convenience. Also, playing online in gaming venues has largely simplified in recent years thanks to the integration of payment channels into mobile phones, thanks to which payments to replenish a gambling account become a matter of few clicks.

But what is a matter of high interest to players in the UK and all over the world today is a bonus. Actually, there is a swarm of various bonuses given by online gambling houses. And we’re talking about them in detail in this article.

How the best casino bonuses work?

Bonuses are good for players because they, generally speaking, increase gaming leverage and fun. They’re also able to give a good mood. Bonuses start one of the most important things in relations between casinos and gamblers: loyalty. The latter is of high importance for casinos, as they gain gamblers, which stay with them and make deposits of real money, contributing to their business.

Without bonuses, no casino is able to run the business today, especially given the highly competitive environment in the UK and in the world. And for a player, it is crucial to be in the know of all existing types of bonuses on the market in order to be able to select those, which are to the most liking and bring the biggest advantage during the play. Also, happiness – don’t forget about the happiness of the game!

Bonuses may work differently based on their essence. Some are granted automatically and for no effort from the side of a gambler. Others require depositing real money and/or hard work of bettors to receive them, as they may be time-stipulated or level-limited. We’re discovering all bonuses below. 

Types of the latest casino bonuses

In the following paragraphs, we define the nature of the casino’s giveaways to make it possible for everyone to select those gifts, which suit them the most. It must be mentioned that not every kind of gift is present in every online casino: some venues might not offer more than 2 or 3 whilst others may incorporate all or nearly all.

Bonuses given without depositing

This type of giveaway is the most sought-for by punters. The nature of this bonus makes it possible to receive it without depositing any real money to the casino’s balance. It is offered by gambling facilities to people who register for the first time. This is a powerful attraction tool for new gamblers, which offers more exciting and voluminous play, as it adds to the bankroll and interest of playing. It is very often connected to the next two types of gifs below.

casino bonus

Free spins bonus in online casinos

A free spin is a notion that’s mostly connected to video slots. But sometimes (very rarely), it may refer to the spinning of a roulette wheel. For the sake of avoiding confusion, we will consider it as the ones referring to video slots.

Using free spins, it is possible not only to make the game more saturated and long without the need to spend own money but also to win! That’s where the difference from a demo play is: in a demo mode, the game is discovered but there is absolutely no probability of winning real money. On the contrary, with free spins, the probability exists yet one also discovers a selected game.

Surely, how much free spins to give strongly depends on the gambling facility but we’re witnessed large spans, from 5 to 2,000 free spins during a single gift.

This type of gift, as well as the previous one, can be given:

Casino deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is the most luxurious one compared to others. Casinos actively combine their promo gifts together to create alluring packages for various audiences. So it becomes easy to compare the volume of giveaways even visually in every such package: deposit-based ones are tens and even hundreds of times more excitingly bigger than others are.

The bonus of this type can be in the form of money (bonus cash), free spins, free play, sticky bonus, or level-connected giveaways. We’re considering the named ones in further chapters. 

Free play

Free play is often confused with free spins. However, they are not the same. Free spins are given to some specific slot(s), limited in number, and are limited in the period of activity but the period usually lasts during days or weeks. Free play is an offer that may be (but not obligatorily is) connected to certain games in a specific casino, is harshly limited in time (tens of minutes at most), and does not have limitations in the number of free spins or free bonus money. During this very short-lived time, a gambler shall do as many bets as possible, in an attempt to win. Anything he or she bets and wins remains his (hers). By its nature, free play can come in the form of free spins or bonus money.

Loyalty casino online bonus (level-connected bonuses)

More often than not, online casinos have loyalty programs, which mean the leveling of players. It allows higher-level players to receive better gaming abilities and more generous rewards, whilst it also stimulates players to move through levels. Some people are also stimulated by the movement itself (with the purpose to brag about it to other people), so they may not pay crucial attention to extras that improve with each next level. 

For such people in the described systems, casino bonuses are likely to be connected to levels of gamers. For instance, if a newbie gets X something, then the highest level may get 50X something. Every leveling system, as a rule, highlight VIPs and high rollers, offering them fantastic giveaways, as these two are the categories of gamers that casinos strive to retain most of all. 

Reload best casino bonuses in the UK

best online casino bonuses

A reload bonus is the one given to existing players. It is usually connected to a deposit or tied to a certain date. Its main purpose is to stimulate people to stay with the casino and shows the administration’s gratitude to such people for their loyalty. If there is a system of levels, then people on the upper ladder will receive better.

VIP and high rollers best casino welcome bonuses

VIPs and high rollers are often vaguely defined by casinos but generally speaking, these are:

If a regular bettor would bet 1 pound, then a high roller could bet 20 pounds, whilst a VIP could bet 100 pounds. Belonging to one of these two exclusive categories of customers often means a lot for some people.

Sticky bonuses in online gaming venues

Sticky bonuses are those, which are used in gambling but which cannot be withdrawn. Depending on each casino’s understanding of this notion, a sticky bonus may never be given to a player or can be given if certain wagering requirements are met. 

To understand its nature better, let’s look at examples.

Example 1. A casino provides 100 pounds of a sticky bonus. A player deposits another 100. The bankroll to play is now 200. A player makes a series of bets and eventually is left with 350 pounds on the balance. If he or she decides to withdraw, the casino takes away the initial hundred pounds, leaving the withdrawing balance equal to 250 pounds.

Example 2. Same rules: 100+100 pounds, making 200. This time, the wager is attached and it is equal to x20. That is, a bettor is obliged to bet 4,000 pounds (in allowed games). After this wagering condition is met, a player is left with 400 pounds on the balance. As he creates a withdrawal application, the casino allows withdrawing the entire 400 (because the wager is met).

To find out, what type of a sticky bonus your casino offers and what the rules of the game in general are, carefully read the Terms and Conditions of your casino.

Other best online casino bonuses in the UK

Other types of bonuses may be connected to withdrawal limits (often formulated as ‘not more than X during Y days’), game limits (a player may not be allowed to jackpot games if any bonus was received), or winning limits (for instance, a player cannot win more than X amount of money using bonuses). These are all mechanisms aimed at limiting casino’s risks, which are connected to bettor’s luck. It may sound way too limiting but it is up to everyone – whether to accept playing by those rules or not. 

The benefits of a sign up for a new casino bonus

best online casino bonuses in the uk

The benefits that a player receives when he or she registers a new account to take gifts and play are as follows:

Wagering requirements for the first deposit bonus and all next bonuses

Wagering is something that’s not very loved by gamblers. In fact, most people don’t love wagering at all. However, without meeting the wagering conditions, it is impossible to withdraw any winnings obtained from bonus money and bonus free spins. Only a tiny fraction of all online gambling facilities on the market gives bonuses not demanding wagering in return. But even if one encounters such venues, the chances are high that gifts will be tiny as well.

Wagering allows casinos to protect themselves from people wanting to withdraw the bonus money immediately. It also stimulates people to bet more and to play over a longer time. It also makes some gamblers become regulars if they like playing here as a result of bonding wagering. 

Most gaming facilities do not want to make it too hard to meet the wagering requirements, requiring bettors to bet from x5 to x50 sums of their deposits + bonuses (or just bonuses should they provide them without deposit). For instance, if one gets 100 pounds of bonuses and adds 100 pounds of deposit, it means that with the wager of x40, the wagered amount should be (100+100)*40=8,000 pounds.

Playing in video slots with average volatility and high RTP level (over 95%), it is possible to meet this wager fast without losing all money even mathematically – that’s without taking into account the possibility to win big, which is never ruled out.

But carefully study the multiplier demands – should they run above x50, it becomes tangibly hard to win anything back. With a wager in between x60 and x100, one can forget about any money – it’s simply going to be lost. Such a big wager turns your money to dust without chances. Optimally, try picking from x10 to x30 whenever possible.

Some gamblers refuse from wagering and from an attached bonus. The leverage for gaming becomes lesser but people don’t risk that much. So it probably could be a nice solution: trying to play with wagering and then doing it without another day, just to find, what’s better for you.

Why one should always read casino best bonus slots Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions is an essential document, very important. It contains all conditions of gambling on every casino website, so it’s practically a site’s Bible. 

No matter what the advertising of the gambling venue promises players and how juicy the pictures on it are, it is necessary to read everything said in the Terms and Conditions to have fun, not to be sad about deceived expectations. By reading, one will find out:

new casino bonus

Remember that for violation of those rules (including unintentional), any gamer can be prohibited to play and his/her account can be blocked without returning any balances therein. 

Guide to signing-up for top casino bonuses

Online casino is a lot of fun and entertainment. It is for spending time there people come and stay. Every registration process begins not with hitting the ‘Registration’ button but with selecting the right casino according to personal preferences. What games one would like to play? What bonuses are preferable? Does wager mean much? Do payment channels and available currencies go in line with the gambler’s wishes? Is casino mobile-friendly?

Answering all these questions and other important ones for a person shall narrow the choice. Also, bear in mind that in the UK, there are the strictest gambling limitations in the world because of the UKGC regulatory requirements and high cost of licenses. So in all cases, deposits will be higher and the number of games in online catalogs will be lower. Thus, a player might even not select a gambling facility registered in the UK but would want to search for something better, for instance, with Malta or Curacao license. 

Eventually, after the list of potential casinos is formed, it is time to select some of them and register. If a gamer won’t like to play in this venue, he or she can always select another one to keep trying.

Then comes the registration. As a rule, this technical process is simple and requires from several to several dozens of fields to provide, including some personal data like the name and residential address. Shortly after, a gaming account is created and a gambler is free to cherry-pick the bonuses. As a rule, for a newcomer, more than 1 bonus is immediately accessible. 

Based on what our reader already knows about the kinds of bonuses given by online casinos – from the text above – it is time to pick. There are usually such options to gain the bonus:

After that, get the bonus(es) and enjoy playing!

Mistakes to avoid in the case of using casino bonuses

Generally, all the mistakes that arise in online casinos come from ignorance of the rules defined in the Terms and Conditions. Sometimes, they can lead to being banned in the casino. The reasons for banning may be:

But these are extreme cases. When it comes to mistakes about the usage of bonuses, they are milder:

FAQ about casino bonuses

free casino bonus uk

Do new casinos tend to offer better bonuses than casinos existing for a long time?

New casinos need to attract new gamblers in this very highly competitive market. That’s why they, more often than existing venues, give more appealing gifts in volume and numbers.

When withdrawal of casino bonus winnings becomes possible?

After meeting the wagering conditions. If only there are no such, then withdrawal of casino bonuses is immediately possible. 

What a punter has to do to receive more than one welcome bonus?

There is a way to have lots of luxuriant bonuses: to register in many online casinos. Nobody will ban you from doing this. In fact, it is a surprisingly widespread practice on the gambling market. 

What is playthrough?

If you’re a streaming blogger (a.k.a. ‘streamer’), then playthrough is recording the entire gaming process in a slot or another game for as long as you play it and showing it publically using one of the Internet means. Some videos may be as long as minutes, some may take hours or even days (in extreme scenarios). Streaming brings subscribers, donations, and – possibly – supported by casinos in an attempt to bring more traffic in. It’s one of the ways of earning money for bloggers.

Slot games offer bonus rounds. What are those?

Casino bonus rounds in video slots are an inherent part of the gaming process. It is sought for by many gamblers. During these rounds, bets increase. And thanks to a fair portion of luck and winning combinations, it is possible to win large sums of money, including jackpots (where available).