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No-deposit casino bonus in the UK

Once anyone decides it’s time to have some fun, many online & offline things come to mind. But not every entertainment option can bring real money, as online gambling can. And since not everyone has a brick-and-mortar punters’ house around, the best solution – resorting to online gambling.

Yet, choosing the venue to play in the UK is not as a clap of two fingers. There are dozens of parameters to consider yet we recommend starting with looking at a no-deposit bonus. The very existence of a no-deposit bonus tells that the punters’ house is interested in attracting new punters & it is ready to go for an extra mile to give them the joy of online gaming. Thanks to using a no-deposit bonus, it would be possible for a person to understand whether this punters’ house is to the liking or not.

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How we review free money no-deposit casino bonuses

The world of online gambling is best explored when played. So we do so with hundreds of websites in order to understand what they are & how good they are. Also, we rigidly test them to understand whether there is any scam in any gambling house so as to outline a venue from the white list should we find anything. We also consider tens of parameters & complete the list of only trusted & eligible venues for punters in the UK. Specifically, we look at:

As one can see, we professionally estimate punters’ houses & thus, can find out some very good options – to save time for our readers! 

What is a free welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus, a.k.a. a no-deposit bonus, is a giveaway that is granted by an online punters’ house. For a punters’ house, a no-deposit bonus is a good thing, as it attracts new punters, which play for free in various games & then tell about their gaming experience to friends, colleagues & relatives. For punters, a no-deposit bonus is a good thing because there’s no need to spend real money to try the world of virtual gaming, which can bring real money if they’re lucky enough. 

A no-deposit bonus is usually given to new punters after they register in the gaming venue. One of the important prerequisites of a no-deposit bonus is that a punter shall be new to the punters’ house (not having an account in this venue before). Although, the existing punters may also receive a no-deposit bonus from time to time; it can be done on various annual events or during promotion campaigns. 

Types of the best no-deposit casino bonuses

There are three commonly considered types of a no-deposit giveaway:

latest no deposit casino bonuses uk

The nature of every giveaway is to make people become acquainted with the casino’s offers, gameplay, its mechanics & the general smoothness of the game. As a result, if a punter will like to be here, he or she can become a regular, bringing real money to deposit. 

Let’s consider the types of a no-deposit giveaway closer.

UK casino no-deposit bonus credits (money)

Free money is a giveaway to be spent on games from the list of a few or several games. It is deducted proportionally to bets made & each game contributes to the wager with a definite percentage of its weight, from 0% to 100%. We haven’t seen given money coming without wagering conditions in online punters’ houses, at least not to new punters.

Free spins in new no-deposit casinos 2021

Free spins are an option of a no-deposit giveaway to start reels of video slots spinning without paying real money for this. As a rule, the exact game(s) where this offer is valid is predefined by the punters’ house. Very rarely, this giveaway is valid for all video slots. Rather, it is from 1 to a handful. 

Free play

A free game or free play is a rigidly limited-time offer, which is given to a punter to try to play the selected game(s) during a very short period of time, for instance, 15 or 30 minutes. No real money or spins are spent during this period – only the clock is ticking. Anything a punter wins during this time thanks to a no-deposit giveaway belongs to him or her. Usually, any winning is subject to further wager, so, a punter shall re-win the won money before he or she can withdraw it from a bonus account of the gaming venue.

How to claim casino offers no-deposit

The claiming process for a no-deposit giveaway is made nowadays very simple. If a no-deposit giveaway is not immediately given to a player’s account after completion of registration, then there are only two feasible ways to receive it:

It would seem that granting it to an account would automatically ease up the lives of everyone. But in practice, it is not so because some punters do not wish to use a no-deposit giveaway. Why? They simply don’t want to play the wager, spending their time & efforts. Giving up a no-deposit giveaway would be a much easier solution for them. Especially if those punters want to make a real-money deposit right after the registration, any bonus on their account with wager would make it harder to win the money back.

Typical terms & conditions of the free money no-deposit casino

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Since the Terms & Conditions in every single online punters’ house differ, we’re discovering below what a punter can meet. It is important because every game & every bonus abide by the Terms & Conditions & violating them (even unintentionally) can result in account blockage.

It’s not a secret that the Terms & Conditions are very rarely read in full by people, as they don’t consider it an important document. However, it is important! The document discloses issues about the entire gaming process, activity of accounts & bonuses, especially a no-deposit giveaway:

As a reader can see, the list is pretty large & it’s not advised to ignore what’s written in the Terms & Conditions. In fact, it is the first thing a punter should become acquainted with after registering in a new casino venue. Even existing punters have to re-read this document from time to time because of possible important changes introduced into it over time, so as to make sure they do not violate any rule, intentionally or not. 

FAQ about free cash bonus

Why do casinos give no-deposit bonuses in the UK, which are essentially free money?

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Giving something away for free is an old marketing practice, which is not new to the world. Online casinos only employ this approach, they did not invent it. 

Giving something as a giveaway, including a no-deposit giveaway, allows attracting people to the venue, as they won’t spend money to try games in an online catalog, getting acquainted with the casino’s functionality & design. And as a no-deposit giveaway is not immediately cashable due to the wagering requirements, casinos don’t lose anything (or nearly anything). Instead, they consider it as commercial, which they pay for & pretty often, this commercial is cheaper than a classical one (which can embrace contextual, banner, direct, email, social media, etc.).

If a newcomer to a gaming venue likes what he or she sees & stays, there are hefty chances that a person deposits real money & continues playing – which is, essentially, the goal of casinos. 

Is it possible to convert the latest no-deposit casino bonuses in the UK into money?

Yes, it’s quite possible. In fact, this is what some gamers come to online casinos. Although, a punter has to understand that a wager is attached at most times, so it is impossible to withdraw any money or free spins/free game received from a no-deposit casino bonus before wagering requirements are fully met.

What is the wager?

The wager is the demand to put on bets the giveaway received from an online casino as a no-deposit bonus or another type of bonus for some number of times, usually, from 5 to 100. It is easily possible to win money or free spins received as a giveaway from a no-deposit casino bonus if a wager is up to x20. It is relatively easy to do so if the wager is up to x35. And it becomes quite hard to do so with the wager from x36 to x50. Anything above 50 makes it nearly impossible to win anything, so should a punter meet this kind of number in any wager they must consider really well whether to agree to take it. Yet, as there is no own money attached to such a play, maybe, the wager is not that important, as a no-deposit casino bonus is designed for fun, not for the enrichment of anyone. 

Where can I find more no-deposit bonus codes if not on the casino’s pages?

Many websites on the Internet offer no-deposit giveaways. Simply google for ‘bonus + the casino’s name’ to find out what’s offered out there. 

Is it possible to cash out the bonus right after activating it?

No, if a wager is attached. Meet the wager requirements to make a payment feasible.

Are mobile players eligible to claim no-deposit bonuses?

Yes. We haven’t seen any online casino, which wouldn’t make it possible for punters of mobile platforms to receive a no-deposit casino bonus.

What are the schemes for VIP gamblers & loyalty options?

Casinos often want to retain VIP punters, who deposit a lot & make large bets. So they allure such people with large bonuses, best options of winnings & better gaming chances. If a punter is interested in becoming a VIP punter, then one shall read about a VIP program in a particular casino to find out what’s offered. Bear in mind that being VIP often costs a lot of money.

Are all UK-based casinos licensed?

If an online casino is registered in the UK, it has to have the UKGC license. Otherwise, it would have a license from another jurisdiction. If there is information about the UKGC license anywhere on webpages, it means, it is absolutely safe to gamble here.